Hey there, it's Moody! I'm just a car guy that got the opportunity of a lifetime to make products for people and to further this community. Currently, I own a BK2 3.8 Genny (Nikki, big project, updates soon throughout this winter) and a bk1 2.0 (Papa Smurf, another project soon).


I bought my Gens because they're in a niche market and there isn't much out there for us; a free for all playground to build some project parts and make some research/development advancements as well as get my feet wet in tuning. 

I'll be posting more updates on my projects as things progress this winter, as I see potential for Perf. Unleashed to expand as a premier tuning and performance shop in the Northeast. Oh yeah, I'm also the Alphaspeed Northeast dealer. All of your tuning needs I can answer or direct you to someone that can. 

PM me on FB, my cell, on here or Instagram if you have questions! 

What's up, my name is Nery.

What can we do for you?

- Tuning

- Aftermarket Parts

- events and discussion

- REsearch/Development

- Installations

- Maintenance

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sun: 8am - 8pm

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