Hey there, it's Moody! I'm just a car guy that got the opportunity of a lifetime to make products for people and to further this community. Currently, I own a BK2 3.8 Genny (Nikki, big project, updates soon throughout this winter) and a bk1 2.0 (Papa Smurf, another project soon).


I bought my Gens because they're in a niche market and there isn't much out there for us; a free for all playground to build some project parts and make some research/development advancements as well as get my feet wet in tuning. 

I'll be posting more updates on my projects as things progress this winter, as I see potential for Perf. Unleashed to expand as a premier tuning and performance shop in the Northeast. Oh yeah, I'm also the Alphaspeed Northeast dealer. All of your tuning needs I can answer or direct you to someone that can. 

PM me on FB, my cell, on here or Instagram if you have questions! 


What's up, my name is Nery.