Polyurethane Motor Mounts

Polyurethane Motor Mounts

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$100 core charge for the mounts; send your original mounts back and we will refund you the core. We will send you polyurethane filled motor mounts to replace your stock mounts. Please specify which mounts you are ordering as well as which platform you have.

The stock motor and transmission mounts are made with soft bushing material from factory; this material is to isolate noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) from the cabin but they allow for too much slop when shifting and putting load on the engine.


Our polyurethane motor mounts are stiffened with a compound that fills in all the gaps and holes on the mounts. This solidifies the mounts while still retaining some of the NVH isolation. Experience much more solid shifting and less clunking from the engine and transmission flexing around! You may choose to polyurethane your motor mounts only, your transmission mount only, or all three!


This is a core exchange program, meaning you must supply us with functional and in-good-condition core mounts. Included in the price is a core charge for the mounts that will be refunded when you send us your core in good working condition and after our inspection of the mounts.