RP Turbokit Gauges

RP Turbokit Gauges


Custom Gauge setup with 4 functions in a triple gauge pod, including a plug and play bezel and a custom wiring harness designed specifically for the Remnant Turbokit launch!


-One dual-function AFR/Boost OLED gauge

-One 4 color premium Oil Temp gauge with memory/peak/warning settings, chime and recall

-One 4 color premium Oil Pressure gauge with memory/peak/warning settings, chime and recall -One gauge bezel pod to mount the gauges in the OEM location.

-A fully plug and play wiring harness with the gauges (Instructional videos will be posted with the Remnant turbokit) -All associated hardware, install materials and required accessories.


Install couldn't be easier with these gauges and our kit. We hope that all customers are satisfied with this product and that it continues to work for them for a long time!

Remember, launch pricing is $450 shipped with your turbokit!

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