Before you mod your gen

        The Genesis Coupe platform is Hyundai's real sports car attempt. Hyundai attempted to penetrate the market, aiming at the G35/G37, Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, with a 2D, Front engine-RWD vehicle that produced similar power and refined driving dynamics at an affordable cost. Regardless of what owners today think of it, the platform is now 10 years old and still holds up well. The BK and BK FL (BK2 for most people) platforms have much more potential than what originally came from the factory. That being said, there are some areas that Hyundai cost-cut in that need to be addressed before going any further with power mods. 

--First off, maintenance is key. Improper (or lack of) maintenance will have you stranded and will end in catastrophic failure. The Theta and Lambda are high tolerance spec engines that need to be upkept to last a long time. THIS AIN'T NO 1990's HONDA VTAK B SERIES...YO. Oil consumption is not an issue, but oil starvation certainly is. As an owner, routine check ups on oil level and quality will save you a major headache down the line. For all Gens, an oil cooler kit is a good idea, especially if you're planning on spirited driving. For specific fluids to use, fluid intervals and proper procedure, check out our                   


--Chassis wise, the limits are pretty obvious to the community; the car was designed to be a Grand-Tourer (GT), not a race car. You have to eliminate a lot of the body slop and  soft materials if you want a dedicated track or time attack car. We have in-depth write-ups for these modifications, stay tuned for those. 

 --Powertrain wise, everything from the rear end transfers over, including subframe and control arms. All front suspension parts transfer over except for 2010 front sway bar endlinks (all others are fine). Sway bars from the R-Spec and Track/Ultimate gens are stiffer than the base/GT/Premium but they fit the same. We will be making a dedicated write-up for suspension soon.  

--Engines are a different discussion. 3.8 engines DO NOT  transfer from BK1 to BK2. All BK1 engines are cross compatible (Assuming the same displacement, meaning 3.8 to 3.8 and 2.0T to 2.0T) and all BK2 engines likewise (meaning if you have a BK1 Track, a BK1 Base engine works just fine, same idea for BK2). 2.0T Engines are cross compatible (BK2 are stronger than BK1 and are considered a viable upgrade path) BUT putting parts from the BK2 2.0T in a BK1 block will likely yield problems due to build differences - Therefore swap the long block. 3.8 engines are NOT cross compatible across generations (See GDI vs MPI). You'll have a hell of a time switching those two. 

--Transmissions are yet another different story. Manual transmissions are cross compatible from BK1 to BK2 but not across engines. No modification is necessary for upgrading a MANUAL trans to a newer year (2010 2.0T to 2014 2.0T, 2010 3.8 to 2015 3.8). Automatics are not easily cross compatible across engines OR generations. You will need to stick to your specific trans. See our                    for recommended fluids. The manual transmissions in the Gen are decent, but some parts will wear out with spirited driving. Lockouts and grinding gears is a common issue, due to soft motor mounts, poor design in synchronizers and improper fluid. Band-aid solutions are to polyurethane the motor mounts (from us or yourself), replace the fluid (See tech specs above) and get your hands on a '14 trans (2.0) or '15+ (3.8). While the transmission itself will handle power very well, the synchros and sleeves will eventually grind and not want to engage properly. We're working on developing a solution for this, stay tuned.


--Suspension in the Genesis Coupe is decent from the factory. R-Spec and Track/Ultimate models have stiffer spring rates and thicker sway bars (Stiffening the chassis slightly). The 2010 models have different length endlinks but those are easily swapped out. Most aftermarket suspension systems will use 2011+ or their own endlinks.

--Tuning the gen is a bit tricky; Hyundai didn't want them to be easily worked on so they did not release the software to identify all the areas to tune. Through much research and development, Alphaspeed was able to OBDII flash the ECUs on the BK1 and BK2 platforms. There are some quirks with the ECUs but for the most part, your AS dealer will be able to work their magic. As for automatic transmission tunes, we're currently working on those and will hopefully be able to tweak them very soon. 

--Vendors for the Genesis Coupe are popping up left and right, so we want you to know who the tuning representatives are as well as what vendors are reputable for certain products. Please check out our                    to find out what you can get at decent prices!